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If you haven’t heard of Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pies or watched the video of a man turning into Patti after eating a slice, then clearly you are living under a rock. Seriously, those pies have swept the nation, possible the world by now. It’s become such a trend that many of Patti LaBelle’s Legendary rivals have already began selling their own desserts, or type of baked good. Take a look!

1) Aretha Franklin’s Big Beef Patti

Of course Aretha, Patti’s biggest rival, would start things off.

2) Dionne Warwick’s Patti Cake

Dionne’s pound cake shows why she is the Queen of Petty.

3) Chaka Khan’s Peach Chaka Cobbler

Chaka’s peach cobbler is for everyone but…

4) Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles Pot Pie

Gladys is an OG and has been doing this food thing for a while.

5) Diana Ross’s Supreme Souffle

This diva throws supreme shade like none other.

6) Cissy Houston’s Cherry Pie

Cissy knows best. If she says it’s poppin, then it’s poppin.

7) Tina Turner’s Red Cheesecake

You can always count on Tina to increase the peace with a piece.

Oh… and then there is…

8) Keyshia Cole’s Hotdog & PorkNBeans Casserole

You gotta give Keyshia credit. She definitely tries.

As you can see… these legendary Divas are not going to let Patti rise to the top of the food chain. Now the big question is…will Patti respond? Stay tuned…


Disney Princesses Reimagined As Members Of Black Sororities

What if Disney princesses decided to go to college and pledge Black sororities?

We just found out that these photos are edits of AMAZING work done by artist, Hyung86. Click here to see his amazing artistry and original work and follow him on Twitter –> @Hyung86

Name: Snow White

Line Name: Poison

School: Far Far Away A&M

Bio: Despite coming from a broken home, Snow White realized the importance of love after being adopted into a big family. As a result, she learned that she was a natural nurturer and that she wanted to go into social work. During her freshman semester, White learned about why Sigma Gamma Rho was founded and the rest was history. She was given the line name “Poison” ironically because she is the total opposite of it. When it comes to a service project, she is always the first on the scene and the last one to leave.


Visit Watchtheyard.com to see more of the princesses.


Top 12 Reasons To Download SoulSwipe

Move over Tinder, there is a new dating app in town and it’s ready to take your souls. Well not really, but it’s called SoulSwipe, a black dating app that helps users find their soulmates. Convinced to download it yet? No? Well, here are 12 reason why you should download SoulSwipe.

  1. Control Your Own Destiny…Kinda

When using other dating apps/sites, do you find yourself dealing with “aggressive” users (creeps)? As a result, you have to block them only for them to resurface with a new trolling account? Well…with SoulSwipe, you don’t have to worry about that. In order for someone to message you, you both have to mutually swipe right on each other to open that communication. Luckily, if you match with someone and they end up being a nuisance, you can unmatch them.

  1. Keeps it Real

When using SoulSwipe, you must log in using your Facebook account. It may be annoying to some, especially when you do not use Facebook (probably because your mother patrols your account), but it is actually helpful. It makes creating fake profiles more complicated by pulling real information such as age and location. Also, it saves you time from going through the long log-in process like most apps and sites.

  1. Youthful and Classy

SoulSwipe is sleek and attractive; it definitely compliments its users. It is not cluttered with too many features, questions, or unattractive graphics. You simply swipe left (dislike) or right (like) based upon who you see. It is a complete contrast to other out-of-date sites where black people meet.

  1. Commonalities

SoulSwipe shows the mutual friends you have with your potential soulmate. In addition, it shows your common interest based on your liked pages on Facebook. With this feature, you already know that you two will slow dance to classic R&B, twerk to Trap Music, and engage in praise and worship music at the First Baptist Church of Saint Beysus.

  1. Equal Opportunity

While most dating apps are designed with only straight people in mind, SoulSwipe was designed for the entire black community. The app allows people to set their preferred preference whether it is man seeking women, women seeking men, men seeking men, or women seeking women. Yes, SoulSwipe is actually caught up with the times.

  1. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

So what’s up with these apps and their blatant ageism? Yes, the millennials are typically the first to discover and heavily use new apps, but why pull tactics to discourage older users? If you prefer to seek soulmates closer to age, SoulSwipe allows you to set the age range and find who you want. As they say, “Stay out of grown folks business.”

  1. Find Your New Bestie

Why do some people have the misconception that dating apps are only for hooking-up? That’s not true! It’s only…kind of true. No one wants to admit it, but they do look for casual hookups and…that is absolutely fine. However, other people actually want to make friends, especially if they are new to the area. If you are looking for friends, simply make that clear.

Sidenote: FYI, you can you can still get laid by using Facebook or Instagram. In fact, you can get some corporate booty using Linkedin. #FoxyHeadTilt

  1. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Can you believe that some people thinks online dating is ruining lives? That’s not true. You might find yourself in an area with uninteresting people. As a result, SoulSwipe allows you to go miles beyond your city limits and find someone that fits your taste. SoulSwipe is not a substitute for finding love. It’s an alternative. #ZSnap

  1. Find Your Soulmate

Believe or not, some people use SoulSwipe for you know…actual dating which can potentially lead to you know…love. There is a heart above the “i” in SoulSwipe for a reason. So if you want to date, make your intentions clear. As a result, you will find your soulmate.

  1. Jungle Fever

Yes, the app was designed for the target audience…black people. The developers created the app because they believed other apps lacked options for the black community. But anyone can use the app; SoulSwipe does not discriminate. So if you have an appreciation for the black culture and believe that black is also beautiful, then SoulSwipe is also for you. #NoRachelDoe

  1. Don’t Love The Player, Love The Game

The SoulSwipe game is similar to Russian roulette. You swipe and swipe until BOOM…you find someone you like and BAM…they like you back! It comes in handy when you are bored or don’t feel like studying with your friends. So look at SoulSwipe as more than an app…it’s a fun experience. It’s Russian Swipette!

But be careful, it can be addictive. #ScratchesChin

Sidenote: You should also try playing Swingo (SoulSwipe Bingo). The more inebriated you are, the more fun you will have.

  1. Give Us Free

The best part about the app is not the people you find, it’s the fact they don’t make you pay for love. Everything about the app is free. There are no premiums designed based upon age. They do not charge matching fees. It’s free so take advantage and spend your money on other things.

Okay, so now that you know about Soulswipe, go and download the app!


If The Cast of “A Different World” Used SoulSwipe At Hillman

It seems that dating apps are all the craze these days. Well try to imagine if Dwayne, Whitley, Denise, Ron and the rest of the gang found their

It seems that dating apps are all the craze these days. Well try to imagine if Dwayne, Whitley, Denise, Ron and the rest of the gang found their “soulmates” on the popular black dating app.

Denise Huxtable

If The Cast Of

Dwayne Wayne

If The Cast Of

Whitley Gilbert

If The Cast Of

Jaleesa Vinson

If The Cast Of

Ronald “Ron” Marlon Johnson

If The Cast Of

Maggie Lauten

If The Cast Of

Freddie Brooks

If The Cast Of

Kimberly Reese

If The Cast Of

Dwayne would gain the courage to ask Denise out on a date…

Dwayne would gain the courage to ask Denise out on a date...

And actually get it!

Dwayne would finally ask Whitley out on a date…

Dwayne would finally ask Whitley out on a date...

and she completely crushes him!

But one summer and a new look later…

But one summer and a new look later...

Whitley is suddenly all over him.


Jalessa runs into her Ex-Husband, Lamar…

Jalessa runs into her Ex-Husband, Lamar...

and completely owns him!


Walter ask Jaleesa out on a date and gets friend zoned…

Walter ask Jaleesa out on a date and gets friend zoned...

but smooth talks his way into a “hang out” as “friends” instead.


Ron wants to get serious with Kim…

Ron wants to get serious with Kim...

And she wants to get serious with him…

But CLEARLY that doesn’t last long…

But CLEARLY that doesn't last long...

because once a player…always a player.

So Play on Player…

So Play on Player...

Play on!

And of course the other students would find matches also.

And of course the other students would find matches also.

And that is how things would go down at Hillman if they all used SOULSWIPE!



Passionate about making education accessible for all students? Interested in teaching abroad? Apply to be a teaching fellow for Global Playground (GP). GP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing education and cross-cultural perspectives to students abroad. We’re currently looking for teaching fellows in Uganda and Cambodia to act as Global Playground ambassadors to their respective host country and its local partnering organizations. Fellowships are approximately a year long.

Applications and position information are attached. You can also visit our website to access the application and learn more about the fellowship positions. You’ll also find information about past fellows and their experiences. All questions may be directed to info@globalplayground.org and/or ryann.tanap@globalplayground.org.



The deadline for applications is March 15. Apply today!


The Noble Man Known as Antoine “FELONIUS” Tate.

People constantly ask me, “Is Felonius your real middle name? What does it mean?” To those who have given it thought, no, Felonius is a nickname. It was given to me by my friend, Johnny Hams, on my 22nd birthday. He wrote a fake “Biography” about my amazing life that literally had me in tears. No, not tears of saddness or even happiness. I was in tears from laugh so hard. It was creative and honestly the best non-tangible gift I ever received. I loved it so much that I embraced the name Felonius. He will always…be a part of me. Thank you Johnny Hams.

See the masterpiece below.



September 27, 2012

Today, we hail the 22nd anniversary of the entry of a great man into this world. Born from humble beginnings on a symbolically dark and night uneventful evening in the brisk fall of 1990, it was apparent to all that Antoine Felonius Tate was destined for great things.

It was not until the age of 2 when Tate uttered his first word. It was a warm, clear day in his sunny town of Washington, D.C. when he looked toward the horizon and uttered silently, “Freedom.”

This first word was followed by a series of others, such as “justice,” “peace,” “emancipation,” “equality,” culminating in Tate’s first full sentence, “Let us all stand together as brothers and sisters and rise above hate, breaking free from the shackles of tyranny and learning to embrace one another for who we are on the inside.”

Only a few years later, when Tate was a humble 7 year old, his leadership skills were brought to light when he defeated the class bully, Biff Jackson. What is notable about this victory, however, is that Jackson was not a student of Tate’s school, which was obviously the most prestigious school a 7 year old could attend. Jackson attended school in an impoverished part of town, rife with crack addicts, prostitutes, and crooked cops. Tate, knowing that Jackson was bullying his fellow man, could not idly stand by and allow this to happen.

Tate bested Biff Jackson soon thereafter. Not through violence, mind you, but through peaceful, non-violent protest. Only after encouraging Jackson to take an introspective view into his own life and undergo extensive self-analysis did Tate acknowledge that his job was done, and he once again went back to dedicating himself to his studies.

Years and thousands of righteous activities benefiting his fellow man later, Tate graduated Summa Cum Laude from one of the top high schools in the world. After receiving full scholarships from every college in the western hemisphere, Tate, forever humbled, decided to return to his roots and take up attendance at the Harrisburg branch of the Pennsylvania State University, where he voluntarily pays 9 times the requested tuition and the tuition of half the student body, despite being on a full scholarship. After founding dozens of clubs, fraternities, and other organizations, Tate is currently still at Penn State Harrisburg, despite having graduated in his first semester, once again at the top of his class.

Today we honor Antoine Tate. Not only for what he has done for himself, but what he has done for us. Tate is a scholar in every field yet known, including 37 he created himself. He is a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and his dance skills are all but unrivaled. Happy birthday to a forever humbled, forever majestic, forever equal-opportunistic, forever sophisticated, and forever jive, Antoine Tate.


Your Friend

Johnny Hams

ATsBlog, Social World

My Letter To The World On the Black Vine Entertainment Awards



My name is Antoine Tate, and I wanted to pass along some information on a positive and innovative event that I created. I was told that I created something that has been nicknamed, “Vine History.” I created the “Black Vine Entertainment Awards.”



Some people view Vine as an app for occasional 6 second entertainment; however, to many others, Vine has become a part of their lives. Fortunately, I am one of them.


Why fortunately? Well, I am aware of the power that vine possesses. Vine is more powerful than Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in terms of promotion and networking. I preach about Vine as if I made the app.


I’m also fortunate to have the privilege of interacting with some of the most talented and creative people in the vine world. And because I recognized those viners, I decided to create an award show called, “Black Vine Entertainment Awards” that honors, support, and highlight the underdogs in the vine community. The show premiered this past Sunday on Vine, and was a huge hit. Contrary to what the name suggest, it was open to all viners. The only reason why “Black” was included in the name is because it started as a joke within the black community (nicknamed black vine); however, once the event grew, the racist backlash began.


As the creator, I was shocked and appalled by some of the comments; some were so vulgar that I refuse to mention them. I had no idea that what I started would become “Vine History.” My event created a riff in the vine community all because of the word “Black.” What’s wrong with “Black” anyways?


View the website below.

Also, view the “Black Vine Entertainment Awards” page on vine to see the full show.